Happy 80th Birthday, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

Today, the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve turns 80 years old!

Established in 1941 by the passage of the Coast Guard Reserve & Auxiliary Act, the Coast Guard Reserve was modeled after the Naval Reserve as a military branch of the active service. During World War II, the Coast Guard Reserve made up over 90% of the 214,000 members serving in the Coast Guard.

Today, Coast Guard Reservists contribute to the national response to terrorism, disasters, and more. Reserve personnel have been activated to support hurricane and major flood operations as well as participated in Operations DESERT SHIELD/STORM, UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti, and joint military exercises worldwide.

To ALL U.S. Coast Guard Reservists out there, thank you for stepping up in service of the nation and Happy Birthday, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve!

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