LGBT+ Health Awareness Week: Advocacy

Did you know that the VA has a program for LGBT+ Veterans and that there are personnel at nearly all VA facilities nationwide that are tasked to help LGBT+ Veterans with care issues?

In 2016, the VA started addressing healthcare issues specific to LGBTQ+ Veterans by appointing LGBT Veteran Care Coordinators (VCCs) at VA facilities. VCCs are licensed clinicians responsible for promoting best practices for serving LGBTQ+ Veterans and connecting them to services such as:

Additionally, the VA has implemented policies and procedures for LGBT+ Veterans since 2017 with the following:

The VCC for VA Northern California Health Care System (NCHCS) that includes Auburn, Chico, Fairfield/Travis AFB, Martinez, Mather, McClellan, Oakland, Redding, Yuba City, and Yreka is Era Dearmon, LICSW/CMFSW, located at the Sacramento VA Medical Center at Mather, CA. She can be reached at (916) 407-9829 or

You can also find more information about the LGBT+ Program within NCHCS here. You can also find the VA’s National LGBT+ Program here.

Another great resource for LGBT+ Veterans is Make The Connection and its page on “Coming Out to Your Health Care Provider” where you can learn about the resources and support available for Veterans who have faced challenges related to coming out as a person with an LGBT+, or related identity. You can find the page here.

Do Ask, Do Tell – encourages patients to talk to their providers about their LGBT identity.

Fenway Health

Lastly, find out more about what the VA knows about providing care for LGBT+ Veterans with the following fact sheets:

The SITREP also has resource pages for LGBTQ+ & Transgender Veterans.

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