Week 2: Bipolar Disorder #MHM #MHAM

For each of Mental Health Month, the SITREP will post information and resources focused on a mental health issue. For Week Two, the focus is on Bipolar Disorder.

Gay and bipolar disorder: What to know (Medical News Today)
Gay people may be more likely to experience difficulties with their mental health. This is mainly the result of the stigma and discrimination they face. Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) may increase the chance of developing bipolar disorder.

As a Gay Bipolar Man, I’ve Learned to Live With Suicidal Thoughts (Advocate)
Writer David Rabadi says “this too shall pass” is one of the most important lessons he ever learned.

How to Help Someone With Bipolar Disorder (Men’s Health)
Being empathetic and encouraging is key when someone in your life is diagnosed with a mental illness.

The 8 Best Bipolar Support Groups of 2021 (Healthline)
Bipolar support groups offer emotional support from other people who understand what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder. They aren’t a substitute for professional care or therapy, but they’re a place to get support and ask questions. Some groups are run by mental health professionals, but others are led by volunteers who live with bipolar disorder as well.

6 Things to Know About Bipolar Disorder (AARP)
Millions of adults in the U.S. have this mental illness, but it’s often misunderstood

7 Ways to Stay Steady With Bipolar Disorder in 2021 (Health Central)
If you are one of the 5.7 million people living with bipolar disorder, or a friend or family member of someone who has the condition, then you know it can play out like the wildest of rides—teetering at the summit of high moods and then plummeting to the lowest of lows, with multiple twists and turns along the way (none of which you asked for). The more you can do to minimize these swings, the better off you’ll be.

Your FAQs Answered: Is Bipolar a Disability? (Healthline)
Read on to learn how the ADA and Social Security might benefit you.

6 Ways to Manage Bipolar Disorder Triggers During COVID-19 (SELF)
The ongoing global pandemic is stressful for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for people living with bipolar disorder because experiencing periods of high stress is one of the major risk factors of having a bipolar episode.

6 Ways to Manage Productivity When You Have Bipolar Disorder (SELF)
At some point throughout the last year, most people have looked for productivity tips to help get through the day with all of THIS—gesticulates wildly—happening. Working and living like everything is normal right now is challenging, but feeling good about your productivity can be helpful for anyone—including people with bipolar disorder.