Veterans Now Able to Enter/Edit Gender ID, Preferred Name

The following information was released today:

The Department of Veterans Affairs includes gender identity and preferred name in its national medical record system to help VA providers better understand and meet the health care needs of Veterans. As of June 25th, 2022, VA patients can view, enter and edit their gender identity and preferred name at Home | Veterans Affairs. This new feature of gives Veterans the ability to enter information about themselves into their health record without going through a VA staff person.  With this new solution, VA is giving Veterans more control and choice when it comes to their healthcare information.

A person’s gender identity conveys essential information about who they are and may signal experiences of stigma and discrimination that can affect their health. Every person has a gender identity.

Many people use a name that is different than the one on their medical insurance or government-issued identification (e.g., driver’s license). This is especially the case for transgender and gender diverse people. Update “Preferred Name” if you’d like staff to use a first name that’s different from your legal name when you come to VA.

To enter your gender identity and preferred name at Home | Veterans Affairs, click “Sign In” in the upper righthand corner. Open your profile and click on “Personal Information”.

Once entered in, this information will become part of your electronic health record. Your health care providers will see this information and use your responses to provide patient-centered care. Sharing this information helps VA staff and providers know your identity and use respectful terms when delivering personalized care.

Further information can be found in VHA Directive 1341, at LGBTQ+ Health Program, or at Home | Veterans Affairs.

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