The review team examined three distinct samples of claimed conditions potentially related to burn pit exposure completed from May 1, 2020, to May 1, 2021, and found VBA could improve its processing and oversight. Though VBA staff nearly always made the correct decision in granting compensation for conditions identified as burn pit-related, the OIG found most denials were premature.

BIPOC Mental Health Month – #BeyondTheNumbers: Multiracial Heritage

Individuals with multiracial heritage are one of the fastest-growing groups in the U.S. Of individuals who live with mental health conditions, 25% identify as two or more races. The term “multiracial” encompasses a wide variety of identities. These communities have varying experiences depending on each individual’s unique ethnic characteristics and closeness to each culture they are a part of.

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In order to provide more culturally responsive services to Latinx/Hispanic communities, the following calls to action are proposed:

  • Use Latinx/Hispanic expertise and specific culturally responsive education to inform mental health care practices.
  • Include community support resources in mental health care practices.
  • Advocate for laws and policies that directly impact Latinx/Hispanic mental health and well-being, including fair wages, affordable housing, immigration support, and other social services.
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