Take the first step to staying healthy! Learn more about HIV testing and find the testing option that works best for you.

There are several challenges that place transgender people at higher risk for HIV: Transphobia, racism, & HIV stigma; lack of knowledge; few multilevel interventions; and unmet needs for gender affirmation.

This National Transgender HIV Testing Day, learn more about self-tests available in your area.

For every 100 transgender men diagnosed with HIV in 2019: 85 received some HIV care; 65 were retained in care; and 68 were virally suppressed. More work is needed to increase these rates.

Knowing your HIV status puts you in charge of your health. HIV testing is fast, free, confidential, and can even be done with a self-test kit.

For every 100 transgender women diagnosed with HIV in 2019: 84 received some HIV care; 67 were retained in care; and 67 were virally suppressed.

Your life matters. Knowing your HIV status is a key step to taking charge of your health.

Most new HIV diagnoses among transgender people were among Black/African American people.

Take control of your health this National Transgender HIV Testing Day with an HIV self-test!

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